Selina Cooper House

Selina Cooper (1864 – 1946) was born in Cornwall but following the death of her father, her family became destitute and moved to Barnoldswick, on the Lancashire-Yorkshire border.

When she was 12 years old she began working in a local textile mill and the following year, she left school to work there full-time. After spending several years looking after her bed-ridden mother Selina returned to the textile industry and joined the local trade union in Nelson, Lancashire fighting the cause of female employees.

She was the first woman to represent the Independent Labour Party in 1901 when she was elected as a Poor Law Guardian and in 1910 she was chosen to be one of four women to present the case for women’s suffrage to the Prime Minister Herbert Asquith.

During the First World War Selina developed the first ever Maternity Centre in Nelson – Selina Cooper House is named after her.

The Selina Cooper House Scheme provides supported residential accommodation to young parents aged between 16 and 25. We are commissioned by St Helens MBC Children and Adult Services, the Supporting People Programme and the Children’s Health Commissioner to equip service users and clients with the knowledge and skills they need to become confident, positive, independent families.

The accommodation consists of self contained fully furnished maisonettes. Some have two bedrooms and others have three. There is a large communal play area on the ground floor.

The service is located in the Parr area of St Helens, close to the centre. (A 10 / 15 minute walk, or a short ride on a number of bus routes.) There are local shops, including a grocery store, within 2-5 minutes walking distance.

Staff are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We provide a high level of support to prepare young people to become positive, confident parents who are able to manage and maintain an independent tenancy in the community. The team consists of the Scheme Manager and four Project Workers.

Once families move out of Selina Cooper House, staff from our Floating Support Scheme support them in their move into an independent tenancy – helping them on the next stage of their journey to total independence.

The Floating Support team also provides a service to young parents who need support to manage an independent tenancy within the community.

Mission Statement

We provide a nurturing environment which encourages parents to make positive choices so that they become confident, positive, independent families.


How to access the scheme

To be eligible for housing at the Scheme you need to be male or female; single or a couple and:

  • be aged 16 to 25
  • have a child or be in your 3rd trimester of pregnancy
  • be from St Helens
  • be in priority need of accommodation
  • require support to develop their independent living skills.

Referrals are only accepted from:

  • Social care workers
  • Family intervention workers
  • Health professionals (such as a midwife, health visitor or family nurse practitioner)
  • the Housing Options Service.

All referrals must be from the St Helens area.

Please call 01744 322381 (during usual business hours, 9am to 6pm Monday to Friday) or



How to apply

Initial enquiries can be made by telephone and a referral form will be emailed to the referring agency.  Please call us on 01744 322381

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Where to Find Us:

Selina Cooper House
St Helens

Phone Number:

01744 322381

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a hostel with communal facilities ?

No. Each family has a self contained maisonette. Everyone has their own lounge, kitchen and bathroom. Some maisonettes have two bedrooms and some have three.

Do I need my own furniture ?

All maisonettes have a full furniture package. There are some items you will need to bring such as towels and your own baby equipment, however, cot beds are provided.

Are there any conditions to me living there ?

Yes. We expect you to meet with your keyworker and engage with the support so that you can work towards independent living. You would also need to stick to the agreed house rules and Licence Agreement.

How long will I be living there ?

We aim to move you on within a 6 month period

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