How we measure quality

Shap is an ISO 9001 Certified organisation, we use the standard and our quality management system to demonstrate our ability to consistently provide support to service users and clients that meet their requirement and the expectations of our funders and other stakeholders.

In June 2014, we set up a Quality Group which audits and evaluates our performance against our stated policy and procedure. The Group consists of service users and staff from each part of Shap (with support from the Quality Impact Assessment Manager) and they help Shap maintain our ISO 9001 accreditation.

ISO 9001 requires every one of the organisation’s key procedures to be audited by the Quality Group every year and ISO 9001 external auditors – this includes visiting several Shap sites and also auditing our central and management functions.

Each Scheme, Setting or Service is audited every other year by members of Shap’s Quality Group. The organisation’s most important procedures are reviewed by them, staff are interviewed and checks undertaken to ensure that Shap adheres to both the procedures and the standards cited within each of them on a day to day basis.

The Quality Group also checks whether the procedures are still fit for purpose.

Quality Group audits consist of:

  • meeting(s) with a number of Scheme staff
  • meeting(s) with service users
  • discussions about ‘how things work in practice.’


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