Selina Cooper House Floating Support Scheme

The Selina Cooper Floating Support Scheme provides community housing related support for young parents in St Helens who need help to maintain their tenancy.

Working alongside

  • the local authority,
  • Health Visitors,
  • the Family Nurse Partnership,
  • the Department of Work and Pensions,
  • local housing providers,
  • SHAP’s other Floating Support Schemes, and,
  • the Selina Cooper House Scheme,

our two Floating Support Workers – access the support, information and services young parents need to maintain their tenancies and build a better future for themselves and their children.

Staff are on duty 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday, however our service is tailored to meet the needs of clients and so staff can work outside these hours when needed.

We have seven two-bed-roomed terraced properties that we manage on behalf of Riverside Housing Association which we use to accommodate young parents who are unable to access other housing providers.  The young people can receive support from St Helens Floating Support or Selina Cooper Floating Support, depending on particular needs. Individuals can be accommodated for up to 2 years whilst working through a programme of support ready to be able to apply for accommodation with other housing providers.

Mission Statement

We enable people to secure and maintain their homes by tailoring support to their needs, generating a long lasting change, achieve independence and a more stable lifestyle

How to access the scheme

We support:

  • teen parents (men or women) aged 16 – 25
  • employed or on benefits
  • with their own tenancy

Further details can be obtained by calling us on 01744 451624 or email

How to apply:

All referrals are made via St Helens Social Care, the Health Authority or Selina Cooper House.

Contact us

Where to Find Us:

Selina Cooper Floating Support
St Helens

Phone Number:

01744 451624

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get a house ?

It varies depending on your circumstances and areas you want to live.

What benefits am I entitled to ?

It depends on your circumstances but we will support you to claim all relevant benefits.

Is there a charge for this service ?

No. This service is funded by St Helens Council.

What are the benefits of receiving Floating Support ?

Shap’s Floating Support Workers can access funding for basic household items and can help you to attend appointments, claim relevant benefits, access education and employment and can also be a listening ear to discuss things that worry you.

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