Residential Family Centre

SHAP’s Residential Family Centre supports parents looking to increase and improve their parenting skills and strengths and address any identified areas of concern or development.

The Family Centre provides parenting assessments in a residential environment for families who are experiencing difficulties in parenting their babies or young children, possibly linked to ongoing care proceedings. The Centre is registered with Ofsted which is the Government department who make sure that organisations providing education, training and care services, provide them to a high standard. (To find out more about Ofsted click here). 

To read Ofsted’s latest report about our Residential Family Centre click here.

We provide a family-friendly environment which meets the daily emotional, physical and social well-being needs of parents, young children and other family members.

Our Residential Assessments are typically delivered over a 12 week period, offering comprehensive and individualised packages of care and support. We use a process called PAMS which covers all aspects of people’s parenting and independent living skills. Assessments are overseen by our Social Worker and Registered Manager.

SHAP’s Residential Family Centre is committed to promoting the best outcomes for children and we believe those outcomes to include the opportunity for each child to live, grow and thrive in safety. The key objectives of our Family Centre are to provide:

  • a residential assessment service for up to 12 weeks to families where there is risk of significant harm to children
  • high quality self contained accommodation where children can live safely with their families whilst the ability of their parents to care for and protect them is assessed
  • timely accurate parenting assessments which comply with the Local Authority Pre Court Protocol
  • an environment where families and children can feel safe, supported and involved with their assessment
  • opportunities for parents to learn and develop their parenting abilities using a variety of methods
  • support that enables parents to develop healthy, supportive relationships
  • a diverse and inclusive culture underpinned by anti-oppressive practice
  • opportunities for parents to develop independent living skills
  • opportunities for parents to understand and meet the needs of their children
  • opportunities for parents to be reunified with their children following a period of separation
  • a setting and process which enable informed decisions to be taken about whether or not it would be in the child’s best interests to remain in the care of their parents
  • support to parents so that they can acknowledge and meet their responsibilities towards their children
  • opportunities which empower parents to be involved and participate in decisions which affect themselves and their children
  • clear agreements about assessments which are fair, reasonable and objective.


The Family Centre shares a building with our Selina Cooper House Scheme

Mission Statement

Vision: Happy positive parents creating flourishing confident children.

Mission: We enable parents to recognise the positive changes needed to create safe and nurturing homes where they can fulfil their potential.


How to access the scheme

Referrals to our Residential Family Centre will be made by the allocated Social Worker as directed by the Family Courts.


How to apply:

Initial enquiries regarding availability can be made by telephone to the scheme and a referral form will be emailed to the case Social Worker.  Please call us on 01744 322381.

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Contact us

Where to Find Us:

Residential Family Centre
Selina Cooper House
St Helens

Phone Number:

01744 322381

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work with parents of all ages?

We only work with parents aged 16 or over and where one parent is under the age of 25.  There can be some exceptions made to the upper age limit but only in special circumstances.

Will members of my family be able to visit me?

At the pre placement meeting we will discuss visitors and with the case social worker, we will agree who will be allowed to visit you during your stay. Visits will be at pre arranged times so that your assessment is not disrupted. Visitors will need to bring photo ID.

Will I get support when the assessment ends?

Yes. Regardless of the outcome of the assessment you will be supported to settle back into your home or to find suitable move on accommodation.

What will I need to bring with me?

All you will need to bring is enough food for you and your family until you are next due a payment and a range of clothing. Most things are already provided. A list of the items you will need will be given to you at your pre placement meeting.

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