Selina Cooper House

Young Parents Residential and Floating Support Service

We offer residential accommodation and support within the community to teenage parents and expectant parents aged 16 to 25.

The Residential Service, which is based in the Parr area of St Helens, consists of 7 self contained fully furnished maisonettes.  Some have two bedrooms and others have three.  There is a large communal play area on the ground floor and staff are on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.  We provide a high level of support to prepare young people to become positive, confident parents who are able to manage and maintain an independent tenancy in the community. We aim to achieve this within a 6 month period.  After completing an assessment of the service users needs, the designated key worker will work with the resident to formulate a support plan which incorporates a program of learning.  This covers:

  • budgeting and home finances
  • meal planning, cooking and shopping
  • preparing for parenthood
  • childcare and development
  • healthy lifestyle including breastfeeding
  • preparing for independence, home maintenance, avoiding ASB
  • managing and minimising risks
  • accessing services and community resources
  • healthy relationships/understanding and avoiding domestic abuse
  • maintaining emotional wellbeing
  • where and how to access specialist support from other agencies

Referrals to the residential service can be made by social care workers, any health professional involved and by St Helens Housing Options Team.

The Floating Support Team provides support to young parents when they leave Selina Cooper House and if they are already living independently but who require support to manage their tenancy and need help to improve their parenting skills. Referrals can be made by any professional agency involved.

The service works in partnership with all professional agencies involved and support and contribute to any safeguarding procedures.

Referrals from social care workers must be accompanied by copies of any child protection plans or parenting assessments.

Enquiries can be made by telephone on 01744 322381 or by email at




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