Martin's Success Story

Martin was referred to the Halton Floating Support service managed by Plus Dane and SHAP after his parents were moved to a smaller property which was adapted to meet their needs.

He has lived an unsettled way of life for a number of years as a result of a family breakdown and overcrowding at his parent’s home.  Martin has a learning disability and has a long history of ill health.  He has been unable to manage his diabetes which has left him hospitalised for long periods.

Martin was sofa surfing and relying on others for somewhere to sleep.  He was afraid he may not cope in a hostel setting having spent some time in institutional care as a child. He did not have enough money to feed himself and his anxiousness about being homeless caused him to lose his appetite. Martin was receiving no help or support until he heard about our service.

During his needs assessment we learned that Martin was not in receipt of the correct benefits and was unaware of the housing applications process.  We supported him to register on Property Pool and accompanied him to job centre appointments to ensure his income was maximised.  A learning disability assessment was also arranged.  Martin began bidding for properties and was offered his own home for the first time in his life.  We successfully applied to grant making trusts for essential furniture items and he is very proud of his new home. Relations have improved greatly with his family and we supported him in making an application for a mobility car.

Martin is now enrolled at the local gym, is looking to start part time work and is in the process of applying for his first passportMartin says “I feel so much more confident now. I’m even thinking of going on a date.  I could not have done this without Plus Dane SHAP – they’ve been absolutely brilliant.  I thought I had nothing to live for or nowhere to go and I don’t know what I’d have done without Plus Dane Shap.  If somebody would have told me when I was homeless that I’d have my own place and be driving a new car I’d have thought they were lying’.

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