Sherdley House

Sherdley house is an emergency project for young homeless people aged between 16 and 21. Referrals usually come from the local Housing Options and Advice Centre. However, we can take referrals from other agencies and professionals.

We provide a safe, short term intensively supported place for young people at the point of homelessness. Staff will work with you and perhaps your social worker or Young Persons Accommodation Officer to complete an assessment of your housing and support needs.

You will receive advice and assistance to claim benefits, access education, training or employment.

What do I have to do?

Work with the staff to help complete your assessment and identify somewhere to move on to on a longer term basis. Ensure you apply for benefits and make your housing benefit claim within 48 hours of your arrival. Don’t worry, staff can help you with this.

Is that all I have to do?

You will be expected to contribute to your assessment by attending regular key worker sessions with staff. You will need to keep to the house rules and pay your personal contribution.

Do I have to cook and clean?

Yes, however, we appreciate that you may never have cooked for yourself before, therefore your breakfast and evening meal will be provided. Your flat will have a small kitchen area so you are able to prepare snacks and each week you will receive some basic essentials such as milk, bread and butter. You will be given the opportunity to help the hostel assistants in preparing meals for everyone. During your stay you can also assist staff in the kitchen if you wish.You can also help to plan the menu. There is a cleaner who cleans the communal areas, but you are expected to take responsibility for keeping your flat clean and the general tidiness within the project.

I’m worried about bullying and drugs.

The project is staffed 24 hours a day. Alcohol and drugs are not allowed within the project. Bullying and harassment are not tolerated and anyone who breaks these rules will receive warnings and may be asked to leave. Staff can help you with any personal issues and we understand that you may feel nervous or frightened about coming to the project. However, every resident at the project has one thing in common and that is that they are all homeless and need somewhere to live. Staff will always listen to what you have to say and take into account what you want to do and where you want to live.

What else is there to know?

  • you have your own flat key, you do not have to share a room
  • when you arrive you will be provided with a towel and toiletries, there is also a laundry where you can wash and dry clothes
  • visitors are allowed only in communal areas


Tel/fax: 01744 451927


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