BME Community Development Service

BME Community Development Service

BME Community Development Service

The service is delivered by Shap as part of the Department of Health’s efforts to tackle discrimination in the NHS and Mental Health Services and to address the very poor access by Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) communities to mental health services.

The key actions are about ensuring:

  • appropriate and responsive service
  • better community engagement
  • better and more intelligently used information

Aim of service

The aim of this service is to improve access to  mental health and wellbeing services for BME communities including; those of Irish origin, Mediterranean origin, Gypsy and Traveller groups, East European migrants and specific groups such as older people, refugees and asylum seekers and children and young people.

Delivering the service

The service is delivered by Community Development Workers working in partnership with mental health and wellbeing services, local authorities, service user groups, the BME communities (i.e religious/faith/cultural and other community groups) and local and regional organisations and networks to:

Develop ways of working together with BME Communities in ways that:

  • harness the expertise, experience and skills within the community to support and sustain itself

Raise awareness of Mental Health and Wellbeing Services to the needs of the BME Communities to:

  • raise awareness and understanding of how mental illness is perceived in the different cultures

Deliver Race Equality Training to Staff

In partnership with equality and diversity teams from the Health Service and Local Authorities the team delivers appropriate race equality training to staff across the area.

How we make it happen

  • learn from and about each other
  • working in partnership
  • share information openly
  • do things differently and better (think outside the box)
  • be more creative and challenging
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