Pauline's Success Story

Pauline recently received support from our Plus Dane SHAP Floating Support Service. Here is her story:

I am 72 years old and it has been worrying me as I get older my hoarding and cluttering will become difficult to manage and my fear is that the landlord and the council may evict me. Plus Dane SHAP floating support have helped me with my tenancy.

Since the support worker has been involved she has helped me tremendously to get my home more organised as my landlord needed to come in and do some repairs and replace my boiler. My house was very disorganised and cluttered because I am a bit of a hoarder. The support worker and I made a plan we worked with the landlord to clear a specific area so the work could commence.

The support worker and I sorted three years worth of unopened mail and we put them into categories and I decided what was important and manageable. I open all my mail now and deal with it straight away. Since I have had the support the burden of hoarding and cluttering is lifting. I feel more confident. Just knowing someone is coming to help me and not judge me about my hoarding is fantastic. I am able to let people come to my home without feeling ashamed.  I have been able to go out to the shops without worrying about the state of my home.

I know I have still have a lot to do but as I keep telling my support worker I am a work in progress and I know that my home will be clutter and hoarder free eventually. I feel very safe in my home now knowing that my landlord has said they are delighted with my progress and cooperating with them to carry out repairs and maintenance.

I am looking forward to my new windows and doors but not as much as the clearing and organising that still needs to be done with the support of Plus Dane SHAP.  Thank you.

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