Shelagh Delaney Emergency Accommodation Unit

Shelagh Delaney House provides emergency accommodation and to allow housing and support needs assessments to take place.  The maximum stay is six weeks and the intention is that the young person will move on within that time to accommodation that is suited to their housing and support needs.
This unit comprises 5 self contained furnished flats.
The accommodation is available on an emergency basis and can only be accessed by referral from a key agency.
Key agencies are:
-Knowsley MBC Homeless Prevention Service;
-Youth Offending Service (YOS);
-Social Services (Leaving Care Team);
-Knowsley MBC High Priority Panel;
-Police or Out of Hours Emergency Duty Team.

The unit is staffed on a 24 hours basis with support staff on duty until 19.00 each night and security personnel overnight.

Residents are provided with two meals a day, breakfast and an evening meal.

Tel/fax: 0151 4430738


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